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Unleash Hemp's Power for Happy and Healthy Dogs


Why Hemp?

Research shows that hemp helps regulate your furry best friend’s mood, hunger, and sleep. Our safe and trusted hemp products enhance your pet’s overall health and happiness.

As a member of the family, your dog deserves the very best – trust in nature to provide it!

Safe & Effective Ingredients

No Harsh Chemicals or Pesticides

What Customers Are Saying

Within a week I can see the results. My fur baby’s coat and skin look healthier and softer. I thought she was a wire hair dog but it was just dry fur!! Thank you

Olga P.

We started giving this to our mini Aussie about 4 days before the Fourth of July this year. She used to shake and pant excessively. This year when we returned from fireworks, she was sleeping peacefully!

Kathryn M.

Dogs enjoy the taste! They do excellent job of calming pets. Especially during thunderstorms

Beverly G.
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For a happy and healthy pup, try our Oil Tincture for Dogs

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Keep your pup active, thriving, and happy with our hemp infused Hip & Joint Chews

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Use the natural power of botanicals to help calm your furry friend

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