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Born from a mission to help a little girl live better, we quickly discovered her story mirrored the hopes of many across the nation. So we made a brand dedicated to helping people live better, naturally. Experience the difference of a legacy built on trust, compassion, and advocacy, backed by pioneering hemp research and a dedication to quality.

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As a 24/7 caregiver, it's really a challenge for me to get my brain to shut down to sleep. I take 2 gummies about half an hour before I am ready to go to sleep and it's amazing! Thank you Charlotte's Web!

Robin D.

We started giving this to our mini Aussie about 4 days before the Fourth of July this year. She used to shake and pant excessively. This year when we returned from fireworks, she was sleeping peacefully!

Kathryn M.

I just feel the balm gets into your body better than other forms of topicals. I use it on my knees and wrists but I use it less and less because it works. I have several tins half used . I have turned friends into it also and they loved it too!

Gayle M.
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$29.99 USD

Drift off into a sweet (and deep) slumber with our hemp & melatonin Sleep Gummies

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$19.99 USD

Keep your pup active, thriving, and happy with our hemp infused Hip & Joint Chews

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$14.99 USD

Soothe your skin with our Balm made with shea butter, menthol & eucalyptus oil

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